To Our Much Appreciated Clients,

Doug and I started this business in 2004 out of our garage at our home because the quality, service and pricing of the other Tri-State printing companies was questionable. They had been the only show in town for so long that they became complacent to their customers. With that being said, Colorado River Tees was born with three very important tenets (principles);

  1. Pride in our community, pride in our work, pride in ourselves and pride in our clients who choose to do business with us.
  1. Dedication to our employees. Dedication to the youth in our community through donations and sponsorships to support their education, health and sports teams. Dedication to the communities we do business in by volunteering our time to non-profit organizations and charitable groups with a great mission.
  1. Quality in every product that leaves our production facilities and not just quality products, but quality pricing. We may not always be the cheapest printing company in town…We will not sacrifice quality on our raw materials just to give you the lowest pricing, only to have our clients be upset that their shirt is destroyed after 3 or 4 washings.

We are thankful to have a superior reputation in the Tri-State area. We are continually trying to better our services and our products for our clients, so that doing business with Totally Awesome Printing is easier…not harder.

In 2010, we rebranded ourselves as Totally Awesome Printing because of all the clients that would tell us how awesome we were. We wanted something unique and that was the perfect name for our team. Today we work hard to ensure that what we tell our clients is exactly what we do! We work hard to go the extra mile to ensure our clients get the Awesome customer service that they deserve. WE know you are the reason for our TAP Success.

We are now printing our products Internationally. (New Zealand to name one of many Countries) We invite you to come and try out Totally Awesome Printing if you have not done so yet. I’m confident that you will be glad you did!

Louie M Fernandez
Chief Financial Officer/Managing Partner